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Working Dogs






Carrdoon Shelly, mother to Carrdoon Zoey - Sep 10, 2020

Carrdoon Coop, putting out a bull with the girls - Dec 23, 2017


Cleanskins Shaun and I got last weekend with the dogs - June 4, 2016


Curtis Llett showing you what u can do with dogs, training a 2 yr old horse, yellow dog Barru Ernie and back bitch is Pixie off mine (Barru Luke, believe meg) - June 21, 2020

Carrdoon Zac, winning run in the open at Mt Perry - April 18 2015


Love what we're doing, doing what we love, weaning finished for another year - Aug 19 2018

612 weaners, second walk out off the yard - July 19, 2017

Second time outside - June 9, 2016

A few we got on the weekend with the dogs, first time though the yard - Oct 16, 2016