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Carrdoon Working Dogs


Good Working Dogs = Quiet Calm Cattle = $$$ = Good Business

Carrdoon Zac

Carrdoon Zac (Deceased)

A dog that has impacted our foundation line for generations to come. Work or play he has done it all. An open cattle dog and even better in the paddock. Work ethic 100% and a gentleman in the camp. Zac set the bar high for us from the start. His natural work ability made mustering easy. He has a great temperament and is a pleasure to be around. We have retained semen from Zac for later use.

Carrdoon Coop (Deceased)

Coop, people either loved him or hated him. The most loyal dog I have ever owned. The go to dog for any job and a freak in the paddock, no job too big or small, too hard or easy. Coop was the man. Coop was an open cattle dog, out of Carrdoon Tess. He will be known as a legend in our household for years to come. Semen retained for later use.  

Carrdoon Boss

Carrdoon Boss

Bred in the purple by Carrdoon Coop, out of a Carrdoon Zac bitch Walkalone Bell. I sent Boss to my brother Shaun as a pup. Shaun saw potential in him from an early age and returned him to me as a potential sire. Boss ticked a lot of the boxes including size, temperament and natural ability. Boss is my go to dog and keeps lifting the bar higher.


Carrdoon Tess (Deceased)

The matron of the Carrdoon line. She’s a blessing! Tess has shown us how smart dogs can be. Her natural ability in the paddock has past on to many of her progeny. The best mother to rear a litter of pups, she is very good with kids. The kindest dog we have owned. Reliable, kind and loving, her legacy will carry on through her progeny.  

Progeny - Carrdoon Coop, Carrdoon Gus, Carrdoon Zippo, Carrdoon Rip, Carrdoon Molley, Carrdoon Nickey, Carrdoon Ellie, Carrdoon Bella, Carrdoon Shelly, Carrdoon Snow

Carrdoon Tess

Walkalone Bell (Deceased)

Bell comes from a great line of work dogs. The Walkalone line had traits that we were after for an out cross. When the operenity came to breed Walkalone Flick to Carrdoon Zac, we jumped at it. Bell had the biggest work motor we had seen in a dog with a never say die attitude. A clean bite and walk up being her best traits. No longer with us. The Bell line carries through Carrdoon Boss and Carrdoon Lady. She was a true work dog.   

Carrdoon Annie

Carrdoon Annie is no longer with us. Sold on at 8 years old to help a person get into working dogs. She earnt her biscuits over the years with us. Out of my Bell line, she was stamped with her mother’s confident walk up, clean nose bite and no bark.

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Carrdoon Shelly

Carrdoon Shelly

The next branch in the family tree. A very up front female with power, punch, and ability. We feel Shelly will be staying around for a long time. Already she has runs on the board and breeding consistently for us. Shelly is the last of the Tess line. When it comes to her mothering ability and temperament the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Carrdoon Shelly

Carrdoon Zoey

Dreams can come true! Trainability, strength and natural work ability in the paddock. She’s the one to watch! By Brutenvale Junior out of Carrdoon Shelly. We feel Zoey will take our Carrdoon line to another level.

Carrdoon Gift

Carrdoon Gift

Another Tess female with a strong Sire line Brutenvale Royce and a double cross of Gibberagee Rip, only young still but improving with age and showing plenty of potential. We no longer obtain Gift but we have kept a half share in her. 

Kililli Pixie

Kililli Pixie, what an investment she has been for us. A workaholic, smooth on her stock with a strong clean nose bite. She’s breeding on and is our foundation bitch for our Kelpie line.   

Kililli Pixie

Outside Sires

Outside Sires
Carrdoon Jake

Carrdoon Jake

Carrdoon Jake was a dog I sold locally to keep handy for later use for breeding. Jake by Zac out of Tiger. Tiger had the natural ability to find cattle anywhere, she would travel a long way and out of site. The Zac Tiger cross is up there with the most consistent crosses we have seen with both Zac and Tiger, good traits passing on. With Jake as an out cross, we are trying to produce good every day  paddock dogs ready to do the miles.


We have sourced Moss semen to use within our breeding program. Moss has many highly desirable work traits and has proven to be a valuable outcross for our Carrdoon line.   

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