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We established the Carrdoon Working Dogs in 2007 with the joining of Electra Penny and Gibberagee Rib. My brother Shaun was sold on the joining and the rest is history. Carrdoon Working Dogs was born, with Carrdoon Zac and Carrdoon Tess, the back bone of our operation. The need for working dogs for me started from Wally McDonald, Ron Wall, Clinton Hall and Nevel Dahl.

Working dogs along side these men showed me what can be achieved with dogs, that’s where I found the love for genetics. To have the very best!

I was asked a lot why collies not kelpies and I couldn’t answer the question as I hadn’t tried one. So I started looking at lines and put an order in for a bitch pup Kililli Pixie. Pixie is our foundation bitch and we are very excited to were we are heading.

I started to see the value in genetics in our business and started to look more into our cattle and what we were wanting to produce. We wanted to eliminate the guess work out of our business.

We established our Droughtmaster stud in 2008 grading up from the pick of Doon Doon commercial cows that had the runs on the board. We chose Droughtmasters as they suit the country we have and then use Charolaris bulls in the commercial herd to produce a F1 animal to sell on.

To keep moving forward we moved into AI and IVF to get the best results we can to better our breed and help our clients gain the best results for their business.   

Our main focus - Good Working Dogs = Quiet Calm Cattle = $$$ = Good Business

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